When is Mother's Day

Mother’s Days as the name suggest is a day we celebrate motherhood and their bonds. We honour all mothers around the world for the roles they play in our lives. This Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. May 13 is the date of Mother’s Day in 2018. Mother’s Day is the outcome of the dedication of a daughter named Anna Jarvis from Philadelphia who on the death of her mother formulated the idea to celebrate this cause worldwide. While Mother’s Day in many countries including Australia, India, New Zealand, Germany and few others is celebrated in line with America, many other countries such as The United Kingdom, Korea, Russia and others commemorate the occasion on different dates and months.

When is Mother’s Day?

The following are the dates that Mother’s has fallen and will fall in the coming years:

YearMother’s Day (Date)

A brief history of the origin of Mother’s Day

Women have played such significant roles throughout history and have been backbones of massive changes.

During the Civil War, a committee of women tried to campaign for holidays and other activities in support of peace.

Triggers of celebrating mothers began during 1868 by Ann Jarvis, an organiser of ‘Mother’s Day work clubs’ whose main goal was to improve health and sanitation to prevent typhoid that was spreading throughout the nation.

She also made a special committee to create ‘Mother’s Friendship Day’ with a purpose to bring together all those who had been torn apart due to the War. Her dream of an official mother’s day was left incomplete with her death in 1905, but her daughter Anna Jarvis took it upon herself to see things through to completion.

Traditions of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day when children all over the world spend an entire day appreciating their mothers for all their love and support.

Traditions include going to church, preparing breakfast, making your mother rest like a Queen at home while you take care of all the housework and take her for a nice and tasty dinner. Small children give their mother’s handmade cards and gifts that they stayed up the whole night making!

Mother’s Day is also the day when the Greeting Card companies have one of the highest sales as children whether near or miles apart send their mothers a small token of love with a card and some carnations.

White carnations an official symbol of Mother’s Day

Anna Jarvis started the tradition of carnations as she had almost 500 of them at the very first Mother’s Day Celebration in 1908. But Why Carnations, you ask?

Well, it’s because White Carnations were her mother’s favourite and this was later adopted by people all over the world, and even pink carnations made its way into tradition.

Some facts related to Mother’s Day

  1. In the UK, Mother’s Day was known as Mothering Day, and it was a day that people would go home to pay their homage to their mother (Virgin Mary) in churches
  2. One-quarter of all the flowers sold in a year is one Mother’s Day
  3. Red and Pink Carnations symbolise mothers who are alive while white is for those who have passed
  4. The first Mother’s Day was celebrated by Anna Jarvis in 1908 in honour of her mother, Ann Jarvis
  5. Mother’s Day was declared an annual holiday by the US in 1914
  6. Mother’s Day is celebrated in more than 50 countries around the world
  7. One fact you might not know is that on Mother’s Day almost 122 million calls are made worldwide

What are the gifts you can get your mother on Mother’s Day?

  1. Start off by giving your mother breakfast in bed since she wakes up every morning to get your breakfast ready how about you let her rest and you do it this day?
  2. Gift your mother a bunch of flowers, though the best ones would be white carnations, tulips and orchids are also pretty good
  3. You could give her a handmade card with words of appreciation on the inside, trust me she will love it