When is President's Day

What is President’s Day?

‘Washington’s Birthday’ also known as ‘President’s Day’ in many States is a day to honour the first President of the USA, George Washington and started being celebrated by the people after his death. President’s Day became a national holiday only in 1879 when a bill was signed by President Rutherford This national holiday falls on the third Monday of February every year around Washington’s Birthday which falls on the 22nd February. The President’s Day in 2018 was celebrated on 20th February.

Washington is referred to by many as the ‘Father of the United States’ as he was the first President to lead his country into its first steps of freedom and prosperity. His face is carved alongside three others on the famous Mount Rushmore and is also the face of the One-Dollar Bill and quarter coins. President George Washington is one of the best Presidents that the US has ever seen.

When is President’s Day 2018?

The following is the date that this President’s Day has fallen in the past years and will fall in the coming ones.

Year President’s Day (Date)
2017  4 February
2018 19 February
2019 18 February
2020 17 February

A Brief History of President George Washington

George Washington was born on February 22nd, 1732 in Virginia. Washington fought in the French and Indian War from 1754-1763, he also led the American army into victory over the British colonists.

George became the president of the group of representatives who wrote down the Constitution of the US in 1787 and two years later in 1789, Washington was elected to be the first President and lead America.

He worked very hard and made an example of himself to people by being just, fair and a good leader. He retired in 1796 after serving America for almost eight years which is two terms.

He returned to plantation like his father and died in in 1799 from a throat infection. Washington to this day remains one of the most favourite Presidents known for his morals and practices.

Washington’s Birthday and President’s Day

Many States in the US have renamed Washington’s Birthday to President’s Day to celebrate both Washington and Lincoln (Born on February 12). Some States combine this with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (Born in April) who was the third President of the United States of America.

Traditions of President’s Day

One of the most significant traditions of the President’s Day is making a cherry pie in relation to his most famous cherry tree myth which speaks of his honesty even as a young child.

It is a day of patriotism and remembrance. Young School kids are taught about the accomplishments of all the Presidents with the main focus being on President George Washington. Many historical events are also held and are attended by many people.

Washington’s hometown of Virginia celebrates this day the entire month with a huge fest and the biggest parade. Another tradition is reading ‘George Washington’s Farewell Address’ in the US Senate every year on his birthday.

The Cherry Tree Myth

As the myth goes, when Washington was six-years-old, he has gifted a hatchet (a small axe). While he was playing with his new toy, he accidentally damaged his father’s cherry tree.

When his father returned, Washington told him the truth and the father was furious at which George replied ‘I cannot lie’. His father was touched by his son’s honesty and felt ever so proud of him for telling the truth irrespective of the consequences.

This story shows us the honesty of George Washington even as a child who grew up to be America’s first President.

Facts about President’s Day

  1. The Capital of the United States of America is named after George Washington
  2. President’s Day is actually known as Washington Day
  3. President’s day was turned into a federal holiday only in 1879 by President Rutherford
  4. This day was first applicable only to Columbia, but in 1885 it spread to the whole country
  5. George Washington was the only President who was selected by a unanimous decision
  6. The only two Presidents who have signed the US Constitution are George Washington and James Madison
  7. Abraham Lincoln’s birthday also falls close to the day of President’s Day, and many refer to this day as a celebration in his honour