Quiz – Holiday is Fun. Which Holiday Resonates With You?

Holidays are the most favorite time of the year where some people celebrate them at home with their families and some with their friends.

Which of all the major holidays is your favorite or which holiday spirit best resonates with you? Take the quiz to find out.



1. What is your idea of a perfect holiday?

2. What would you rather have at your dinner table?

3. What is your favorite symbol?


4. Which is your favorite season?

5. What color most compliments your personality?

6. Which one of the following is your favourite song?


7. What would you say is your kind of musical instrument?

8. On a Sunday night, which of the following movies would you rather watch?

9. Which of the following animals do you find fascinating?


10. What are your favorite flowers?

Quiz - Holiday is Fun. Which Holiday Resonates With You?
St Patrick’s Day

when is st patrick's day

Congratulations! Your spirit resonates the one of St Patrick’s Day. You are a fun and jolly person who loves to music, dance and a glass of freshly brewed beer!

When is Thanksgiving why is it celebrated

Congratulations! Your spirit resonates the holiday of Thanksgiving. You are a family person and love to spend time with them whenever you can. Being at home and around the people you love makes you the happiest!

When is Orthodox Easter Sunday

Congratulations! Easter is your holiday. You love to come together with your family to sit down and pray and be thankful for all you have.

when is christmas day

Congratulations! Your spirit resonates the holiday of Christmas. Glad tidings to you! The most fun holiday mirrors your spirit of a happy and positive person.

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