Is it Really Possible to Know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? – Myths & Facts

Who viewed my Facebook profile? – Do you wish to know who visits your Facebook profile? If yes, then you are not alone to crave for this feature. In the current era, we have become apperceptive about our social reputation in the internet space. Increasing social media followers base, getting more like on posts, etc. are some of the common identifiers to indicate your growing reputation. Knowing your Facebook profile visitors could triplet the self-appease.

But unfortunately, this is one area of Facebook, where people have been trying hard to dig some way out, which is otherwise not given naturally by Facebook. However, the Google and Facebook are crowded with multiple theories of coming out of ways to find out visiting your Facebook profile.


Are these methods legit? Is there any ultimate method to know who viewed my Facebook profile? Or all answers are leading to possible void, leaving you in a lurch! Let’s see the popular myths circulating on the internet and the truth behind knowing your Facebook profile visitors.

Who viewd my Facebook profile? – How & why this question originated?

If you are a LinkedIn user, then you must have received tons of notification about people visiting or viewing of your profile. LinkedIn is a social media platform but in a professional space. LinkedIn should not be confused with Facebook, which is purely a personal social media platform.

It is vital to know every person visiting your LinkedIn profile. You get an excellent opportunity of connecting people from the unknown professional background. Ultimately, all these connections may help you build a professional career in different fields and companies.

However, Facebook is different. Facebook become popular in those times when Myspace and Orkut had a firm hold of people. The reason was simple! Facebook provided a robust privacy and freedom of expression for the user at their will. Also, it disallowed some of the features such as knowing your profile visitors. In a way, it wanted its user to have a carefree and secured personal social media space.

Although, you always have an option of making your profile private for keeping unknown people at bay. On the other side, if your friends and family are visiting your profile then it should not be a matter of concern.

#1 Myth – Applications claiming to provide you with details of people visiting your Facebook profile

There are several apps on Google Play store and even on Apple store claiming to provide you with data of people visiting your Facebook profile. Some of the existing apps are Who Views My Profile? Visitors & Followers Tracker, Control Your Social Accounts, etc.

Google App - Who Views My Profile

These applications cannot provide you with any data which Facebook has not kept hidden for privacy reasons. Some of these apps are even paid and could your rip you off for no benefits. Also, you may put your data at risk by connecting your Facebook account to these applications.

Sometimes, you may find data related to people who visited your Facebook profile. But when you go in detail then the data has no relevance whatsoever to the actual people who are visiting your Facebook profile.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete way of knowing the legitimacy in a single click. You may have to spend time for finding the hidden truth behind these applications. In short, do not trust any of these applications.

#2 Myth – Chrome extension which could reveal who viewed my Facebook profile

You may find several claims of several Chrome extensions, which could reveal who viewed your Facebook profile. But in reality, the desired functionality is far from the truth. One of the most popular Chrome extension to show Facebook profile visitor’s detail is Social Profile view notification.

Chrome Extension - ExtensionSocial Profile view notification

Without wasting any time, you can head to its review section and read for yourself. Most of the reviews falsify the bold claims made by this Chrome extension. I would not suggest even to try it once since you may have to connect your Facebook profile and provide all access.

There is a fair chance of personal data breach.

#3 Myth – Flatbook Chrome extension could reveal who viewed your Facebook profile

Flatbook is a great Chrome extension to provide you with a cleaner Facebook profile layout. To be honest, it does have an option called Facebook profile visitors which works on specific conditions.

flatbook facebook profile visitors

Flatbook requires any two users to have this extension installed while they visit each other’s Facebook profile. But it does not make any sense since you do not have any control on how someone browses its Facebook page.

#4 Myth – Viewing your Facebook profile page source could reveal visitor’s data

This method is too funny to discuss. If nothing people started giving their cooked up ways of finding out who visited your Facebook profile. In this process, you may not have to download anything, which is better than above three myths and perform a series of easy steps.

You have to head to your Facebook profile page, right-click in the blank space and hit view page source. Then multiple internet sources suggest finding a particular word from the below list.

  • “orderedfriends”
  • “InitialChatFriendsList”
  • “friendslist”
  • “lastactive”

Then you will see several numbers around above keywords. These numbers are nothing but Facebook user’s profile ID. You can copy and paste any particular number with and find out the user who viewed your Facebook profile.

View page source code of Facebook profile to know profile visitors

Above steps may get you the exact result concerning random numbers. However, these numbers are nowhere related to the user viewing your Facebook profile. Some of these keywords may get the list of people who chatted or messaged you recently. The whole process is a waste of time.


If I have to wrap it up in a single sentence, then I would say that there is no method in place which can help you in revealing data around people who are viewing your Facebook profile. Logically, if Facebook has not provided you with the option of knowing your Facebook visitors, then nobody in this world could directly provide you with that data.

Also, do not become prey to click baits which are meant to distract you and ultimately steal your personal info. Sometimes, these links are spam and could contain malware and virus. Accept Facebook as the way it is and do not try to fiddle around.


Next time if someone asks you questions like who views my Facebook profile or how to know my Facebook profile visitors then you know where to direct them.

Let me know if you had similar experiences with Facebook profile visitor’s fake apps, extensions and methods in the below comment section.


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