why you meme

Why you meme? Memes are nothing but a social concept that gets transmitted from one generation to the other. And unlike physical legacies, memes are the virtual legacies we pass on. And whatever enters the web, stays on the internet, floating somewhere. This is also a reason why they will remain eternal in our lives even when we are old and grey; it will still make us laugh. That’s why it is vital to know why people create a meme?

For the heck of it!

You come across so many memes in your daily life, and each one is entirely different from the other. Today there are genres you can choose from, to amuse yourselves. Dank memes, Vintage memes etc. which is why it is such a challenging task. Making a meme is in itself an art, and one should take their chances. You never know, it might become the next big thing! Also spreading happiness is a good thing!

To pick on your friends

Memes are the most common source of conversation, especially amongst friends. You can roast your friends just with a few videos and Gifs and then offer them the popular advice animal meme, for their poor choices in life. Every time you come across a meme that reminds you of your friend, you can just show it to them and probably prove a point too!

Because you can relate to them

This is probably the most important reason why any of us make memes. There is a meme for every situation that we are going through in life. And because of that, they helped us to laugh at our flaws, accept the way we are and also encouraged us to laugh more often.

To give opinions

You have been wanting to offer your voice in a discussion but are feeling unheard. You can always do it with the help of memes. It is a very subtle way of putting in your point without offending anyone, and also people would pay attention to you.

It is the best way to market

We can always see during festival seasons nowadays, so many shopkeepers have been using memes to market their products. The sole reason being that they attract the attention, are catchy, and at last, you can never ignore a good meme. This is how they can convince you.

An excellent example would be during the festival of Diwali or Holi; there are a lot of local memes used for advertisement of crackers and colours respectively.

To create awareness

While so many new things are coming up and it is challenging to catch up to it. During such times, memes become a perfect medium for sharing information. In a very witty way, you can reach out to the public and inform them about the importance of a polio vaccine or the need to wear helmets while riding your bikes.

Because you can

Memes are not something only a selected few are entitled to make. Everyone has their right to express their creativity and even if not on a larger scale, you can always make your close ones smile!