windows 10 virtual desktops

A lot of Windows 10 users are not aware of an amazing feature that the OS offers them. It is called the ‘virtual desktop’ feature. Using it, you can have multiple desktops to work, on a single computer.

The virtual desktops feature is a treat for people who like to stay organised. You can allot separate desktops for different types of works. For example, one desktop for official work and another for personal.

Also, if you wish to run several applications at one time, you can do so using the multiple desktops.

So now that you know about the multiple desktops you carry on your Windows 10 OS and you’re excited to start using it, read on to learn how to go ahead with it.

The Windows Key

Before you begin, there are some pre-requisites of operating virtual desktops.

The computers that are built to use a Windows Operating System have a Windows key on their keyboard. You would have, most probably, come across that key. It is the key that is usually found sandwiched between the Ctrl and Alt keys and has the Windows logo imprinted on it.

Operating the Windows 10 virtual desktops

Below are the Keyboard Shortcuts to operate across various desktops:

  • Press the Windows Key+Ctrl+D to add a new virtual desktop.
  • To switch through the various virtual desktops, press the Windows Key+Ctrl+Left/Right Arrows.

Display or Hide your desktop

While working on your desktop, amidst the several applications open, you may wish to view your desktop quickly.

If such a need arises, you should press the Windows key and D. It causes the PC to switch to the desktop in the span of a second and minimise all open windows.