Introduction to Wireless Speakers? How to Choose One?

Wireless speakers are yet another incorporation of the invention of the modern technology into our lives. As the name suggests, Wireless speakers let you play music remotely, without using the wire cables.

Instead, it uses a transmitter to carry the signals from the source (which includes your smartphones, tablets, laptop, etc.; having Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity) to the speakers.


Wireless speakers provide a range of 30 to 150 feet depending on the model you choose. They come in various size and styles.

Depending on the requirement, you can select the ones to be used as loudspeakers at home or the ones which you can carry along while traveling as portable speakers or wireless earphones.

Some of the most popular wireless speakers are from Bose, JBL, Beats, Sony, Vizio, Samsung, Philips, etc.

So, if you’re bored of the constant setup of the wired stereo speakers in the corner of the same room throughout and have struggled in redoing it for the party outdoors, then wireless speakers are worth a try.

How do I connect the wireless speaker to my device?

Connecting Wireless speakers to your device is very easy. Though, connecting Bluetooth speakers to your device requires comparatively easier steps to follow than Wi-Fi speakers.

Connecting Bluetooth speakers

Pair your speaker with your device as a one-time operation. You can easily pair devices by going on Bluetooth settings on your device and clicking on ‘Pair’ option.

Once paired, you can easily connect the devices every time you power them on. All paired devices are always recognized by your Bluetooth device as soon as it is in range.

But as Bluetooth is a peer to peer technology, it can connect only one device at a time.

Connecting wifi speakers

You can connect multiple speakers at a time with the help of Wi-Fi connection. To connect your Wi-Fi speaker to your device, you might need to use apps (like iLive, SoundTouch10, etc.) that require your network ID and password.

You can also use Wi-Fi for a shorter-range using Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct helps to establish a direct Wi-Fi connection between two devices without using the wireless router.

How do wireless speakers work?

Most of the wireless speakers work either on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

When our device emits audio, it sends a signal to the transmitter. The transmitter then converts it into one of the FM signals. The signal thus emitted should be recognized by a device.

The Wireless Speaker uses a receiver and a built-in amplifier. The receiver receives the signal from the transmitter and decodes it.

The decoded signal is then sent to the amplifier which amplifies the signal for the audio to play. This appears to happen in no time, and as soon as you play the music on your device, you can hear it playing through the speakers.

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. can be easily connected to the Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite piece of music. Connecting your Bluetooth device to Bluetooth speakers requires a few simple steps to follow.

The range of the Bluetooth speakers is 30 to 100 feet depending on the style and size.

Some Bluetooth speakers do not provide the exact range they are claiming since they apply to ideal conditions and might not cover your entire house.

But some Bluetooth speakers give an exceptionally high range of coverage.

Wi-fi speakers

Wi-Fi has a broader range than Bluetooth. It can range from 100 to 150 feet. It uses a router for maximum coverage and can cover the range for your entire house.

It provides a signal of greater strength and stability.

Since it uses your wifi network, the quality of the music streaming from your speakers might get affected by the amount of traffic on your network.

You can avoid using a wireless network by use of shorter-range Wi-Fi Direct, but your wireless speakers should have compatibility.

Do I need to charge the wireless speakers?

Since we are talking about speakers which are wireless, it is essential to charge them. And it depends on the portability of the speaker. They can be powered by AC, or they can be battery-powered.

Most of the wireless speakers have a battery life of about 8 to 12 hours once fully charged again depending on the model you choose.

How to pick the best wireless speakers?

Picking the best wireless speakers depends completely on your requirements and how much you want to spend. But there are still some points that can be kept in mind while choosing the one


Decide on the use and clearly outline why you want the pick some Wireless speakers. Depending on the range and coverage you need, choose between Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker.

Style and size

There are a variety of styles and sizes from which you can choose. Since the aesthetic appeal is also important. These days speakers are also available in a wide range of colors and styles.


According to the price affordability, there are many brands which have a range of wireless speakers. You can find expensive as well as the cheaper versions of the speakers based on their model and functionality. Price can vary from $20 to as much as you can spend.


Portability of the Wireless speakers depends on the weight of the speakers you are choosing. Lightly weighted speakers are always good to get high portability whether you have to take it to another place in your own house or another city.


Compatibility of the Wireless speaker to your device is the key. Always check whether the Wireless Speaker you are choosing is compatible with the device you have.

Battery life

Consider the battery life of the wireless speakers as well, so that you can enjoy your music for a longer duration of time without worrying about the draining battery of your speaker.

Voice recognition

These days, wireless speakers are available with the facilities of Voice Recognition with which you can command the speaker to turn down or turn up the volume of the speakers. It could be a convenient alternative to remote control.

Hands-free speakerphones

Also, Wireless speakers, these days have Hands-free Speakerphone functionality which lets you take calls when the speaker is on.

Connectors and dock

Wireless speakers also come with different kind of connectors and dock so that connecting them to other devices (that do not support any of the connecting facilities) via USB.

Technical superiority/Voice quality

Voice quality is paramount whenever we speak of speakers, and wireless speakers are not an exception. We will always suggest you visit a nearby store and get the firsthand experience of the wireless speakers before zeroing down to one.

There might be some technical issues with the voice quality because of signal interference, especially in Wi-Fi speakers.

But these days there are also wireless speakers available that have both facilities of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Thus, making your choice even easier.

Are wireless speakers completely wireless?

There is a range of Wireless Speakers available these days. They come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. But they also come with connectors and docks to connect you to your device via USB cables.

Also, apart from some smaller models of these speakers, all other speakers need to be plugged in, which means it requires to plug in the power cords into the wall outlets. For example as with the wireless Home theatres.

And thus, though it sounds so, it cannot be said that wireless speakers are entirely wireless. If power isn’t provided by batteries, then the speakers need to be plugged into a power source.



Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers have their pros and cons. The range, quality, and connectivity mainly form the basis. Where Bluetooth speakers provide you a short range and connectivity with one device, Wi-Fi speakers help you connect to multiple devices over a comparatively greater range.

Wireless speakers are portable and so have better flexibility regarding their placement in your home. They are easy to use and can be quickly hooked to any compatible music source like your iPhone or any other Bluetooth or wireless music device.

If you’re a music lover, then Wireless speakers are worth trying. Also, while choosing one, you need to keep in mind a few parameters as discussed above in the article to get the best audio quality speaker for you.

Write to use if you any need any help in selecting one, and our experts will be happy to help.


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