Wiz Khalifa Net Worth
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Wiz Khalifa is a singer-songwriter, rapper and music producer with a net value of around $55 million and he earns approximately $8 million per year.

Early Life

Cameron Jibril Thomaz AKA Wiz Khalifa was born in North Dakota on the 8th of September in 1987. He completed his high school from ‘Taylor Allderdice High School’. He was married to model Amber Rose but later divorced in 2014. The couple has a son named Sebastian Taylor.

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Earnings included in Wiz Khalifa net worth

His Rap career

  • He released mixtapes in 2004 that caught the attention of Benjy Grinberg, the President of Rostrum Records
  • Wiz was signed to Rostrum Records later in 2004 and released his first official mixtape ‘Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania’ in the year 2005
  • In 2006, he released his first debut album titled ‘Show and Prove.’
  • In 2007, he was signed to Warner Bros. Records also releasing two mixtapes via Rostrum
  • His first single for Warner Bros published in 2007 called ‘Say Yeah’
  • In 2008 and 2009, he released two mixtapes namely Star Power and Flight School
  • In 2009, he released his second album ‘Deal or No Deal.’
  • His mixtape ‘Kush and Orange Juice’ in 2010 brought him a lot of fame with it being hashtagged all over Twitter
  • In 2010, Khalifa signed with Atlantic Records for $5 million
  • He has released many remixes with Rick Ross and Currency
  • Cameron released his first album for Atlantic Records in 2011 called ‘Rolling Papers’ and its single ‘Black and Yellow peaked at the #1 spot
  • In 2012 he released his album O.N.I.F.C which received good reviews
  • In 2014, Wiz released his album ‘Blacc Hollywood.’
  • He released a song in collaboration with Charlie Puth in 2015 as a tribute to the late Paul Walker from the Fast and Furious Franchise. The single hit fame immediately and was one of his most successful collaborations
  • In 2016, his album ‘Khalifa’ was released
  • He earns around $100,000 per show

Movie and Television Career

He has appeared in the following movies:

  • High School 2
  • Mac and Devin Go to High School
  • Gangs of Roses 2: Next Generation

TV series he has appeared in are:

  • ‘This is how I made it.’
  • American Dad
  • Master of the Mix
  • The Eric Andre Show


  • Khalifa owns a home on a 2.8 acre land in Pennsylvania. The home has around four bedrooms and a guest house
  • He also owns a home in Canonsburg which has an estimated worth of around $900,000

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Vehicle Collection

  • Porsche 991 worth $85,000
  • A Dodge Challenger STR8 worth $31,000
  • ’69 Chevelle
  • ’68 Camaro
  • A ’62 and ’64 Impala

Endorsements and ventures

  • Wiz Khalifa makes around $11 million from endorsement deals alone
  • His Youtube channel has brought in a revenue of almost $15 million
  • Wiz owns his very own app called ‘Weed Farm’ and also his very own line of merchandise
  • He also collaborated with ‘RiverRock Cannabis’ to start selling ‘Khalifa Kush’ his line of Weed
  • The rapper also owns his very own Music production company
  • At every show, Wiz sells around 200 packs of rolling papers of his brand worth $10 each

Social Work

  • In 2016, Wiz donated almost 1,700 American Eagle book bags to schools in his hometown
  • He performed at a charity event PoP Gala hosted by Pencils of Promise
  • Wiz supports Pencils of Promise and Music for Relief
  • He also helps causes related to Poverty, Disaster Relief, Environment, Children and Education


Wiz Khalifa is just 30 years old and has a bright future ahead of him. He is involved not only in Music but also a few business lines. Wiz Khalifa has millions of fans all over the world who love his music and his style of rap. He is currently working on an album that is due to release in the coming year.

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