Quiz – Are You Really a Workout Freak? Lets See if You Indeed are?

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Fitness is a fashion trend these days. And one of the most refreshing way to stay fit is to Workout. If you consider yourself a fitness freak this quiz can be of your interest.

Here are some questions based on the workout. Check out how much you know about it.


1. If you plan to lose weight which among the following serves as the start?


Did you answer it right? Well, many of us feel that exercise should be the main focus while one plans to start losing weight. But uh! Exercise takes second place. Right diet serves as the first step for weight loss. Meditation helps in making the mind healthy and reduces the risk of many diseases like depression. And medication should only have opted when you have excessive, uncontrollable weight; otherwise, intake of weight loss medication can have side effects.

2. Is it right to work out if you are stressed?


Wasn’t answer perplexing? Well, it is beneficial to exercise if your mood is spoilt or if you are stressed. It is because while exercising body released hormones like “endorphins” which serves as a mood changer and a person feel more relaxed.

3. How many calories are being burned while one jogs or walk one mile?


Well, it is observed that a mass of about 100 pounds loses 62 calories per mile. Now according to our weight, you can decide how much calories you are burning? Just simple Maths!


4. How many calories does it take to burn one pound of fat?


3500 calories can either make you lose 1 pound or gain 1 pound. When you plan to lose 1 pound of weight then every day you need to cut 500 calories.

5. Name the workout which is used for shoulder exercise.


All of them are mainly used for shoulder exercise. The Barbell standing press is bodybuilder staple which not only targets your shoulders but also works your whole body. Lateral raises are perfect for isolating the medial part of the deltoid.

6. Which among the following is a leg workout?


Wall sit is used for the leg workout. Other two options that are crunch and plank are often used as belly workout. A wall sit is an exercise done to strengthen the quadriceps muscles.


7. The squat is beneficial in which among the following.


A squat is a versatile exercise which is used for varying body parts. It engages the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles, which helps to tone. Doing squats gives the glutes a powerful workout, helping to tighten and lift the butt. Doing squats increases joint flexibility.

8. How many categories are there in weight lifting?


There are four categories of weight lifting and they are named as muscular hypertrophy, muscular endurance, muscular strength and muscular power.

9. Muscular strength is one of the four categories in weight lifting. Can you identify what is muscular strength?



10. Which among the following is used as equipment for chest exercise?


Dips Machine and Preacher Curl Machine are used for Biceps exercise and Seated Machine Row is used for back exercise. The bench press is used for a chest exercise. It is the chest builder. A bench press is common gym equipment and could be found in almost every gym.

Are You Really a Workout Freak? Lets See if You Indeed are?

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