When is World Chocolate Day and Why is It Celebrated?

World Chocolate day is widely celebrated in all countries on the 7th of July. It is also known as ‘International Chocolate Day’ and can fall on different dates in different countries. Chocolate day is a cheat day, and you can fill up your baskets with as many chocolates as you like. World Chocolate Day in 2018 will fall on the 7th of July which is a Saturday.

Chocolate Day is believed to be introduced on 7th July 1550 in Europe. People love chocolate, and the best part about it is that it comes in all flavors.


From a time when it was restricted to milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate its evolution has brought the mixture of regular chocolate with fruits, nuts, and other sweets to give it a different taste altogether.

Chocolate Day in the US is a pretty confusing topic. While the National Confectioners Association of United States has declared the 13th of September as International Chocolate Day, US celebrate this day on the 28th of October.

When is world chocolate day 2018, 2019, 2020?

The following are the dates that Chocolate Day has been celebrated on and will be in the future:


YearWorld Chocolate DayInternational Chocolate Day in the US
2017July 7th, FridaySeptember 13th, Wednesday
2018July 7th, SaturdaySeptember 13th, Thursday
2019July 7th, SundaySeptember 13th, Friday
2020July 7th, TuesdaySeptember 13th, Sunday

History of World Chocolate Day

Chocolate has been the favorite of all since the Aztec times. It is unclear as to why the 7th of July is celebrated as World Chocolates Day.

But 13th September in the US which was set up by the US National Confectioners Association is said to also be the birthday of the founder of the famous Hershey Company, Milton S Hershey.


How is Chocolate made?

The actual cocoa seed is not something you would like as it is quite bitter.

  1. The pods of cocoa are cut off from the tree, and their seeds along with the pulp are removed
  2. The removed seeds and pulp are kept inside baskets to allow fermentation and takes about seven days
  3. The cocoa beans or seeds are then dried in the sun for 5-7 days
  4. These dried beans are sent to the factory where they are cleaned, roasted and graded
  5. The nib from each seed is then removed and are grounded and turned into liquid to produce the purest form of liquid chocolate
  6. Later the liquefied nibs are known as ‘Chocolate liquor’ is mixed with sugar, butter, and milk to give us the flavor we desire

Traditions on World Chocolate Day

  1. Different varieties of Chocolates are gifted to the loved ones
  2. Different flavored chocolate cakes are baked and gifted
  3. The day is also spent going for chocolate tastings

Some World Chocolate Day Facts that we bet you didn’t know

  1. Africa is the largest producer of Cocoa. With more than 1.5 million farms dedicated to the production of Cocoa, Africa produces 70% of the world’s cocoa
  2. The world’s highest cocoa producing country is Cote D’lvoire which is situated in West Africa producing about 40% of the total cocoa in the world
  3. Did you know that one bar of chocolate takes almost 3 to 4 days to be made?
  4. The concept of Chocolate milk was brought in by Hans Sloane, an Irishman on his visit to Africa where he substituted water for milk
  5. The most chocolate in the world is eaten by the Irish people, about 25 pounds per capita
  6. One pound of Chocolate requires the processing of almost 400 cocoa beans
  7. Dark Chocolates contain an ingredient called ‘Flavonoids’ which are really good for the heart as they help maintain blood pressure and maintain smooth blood flow

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