Review of Yupp TV

Yupp TV is a freemium service provider of live TV shows, web series, and free movies in the south asian countries. They boast a user-base of 13 Million people!

Started in 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, with an idea of providing live TV to the people, Yupp TV has come a long way. The founder, Uday Reddy said in an interview with Your Story, that the scenario was so bad that people could not even watch news in their own language.

Currently, Yupp TV is one of the biggest internet TV and on-demand service provider. With over 250 TV Channels, thousands of movies and TV shows available in 14 languages.

I personally love using the app, so I have only used the snapshots from my smartphone. You may also like to check out our suggested list of legal websites or apps to watch free Bollywood movies online. Some of them are Crackle, Viewster, Tubi TV, Box TV, YouTube, etc.

Let’s review this content provider and see how much it scores overall.

#1. Website or App look & feel

The app is completely user-friendly. It has a simple UI to browse you through the Menu.

When you open the app for the first time after downloading, it gives you some assistance about where to find what. Below are some screenshots from the app:

Yupp TV starting screen

Yupp TV Home App

You get advertisements throughout the app browsing. Well, of course, because it is free.

But, for the user-friendliness, it gets a 7/10.

#2. Movies, Live TV Shows, and Others

There are variety of options to explore from the menu bar, such as Live TV, Shows, Movies, Catch-up feature to watch the shows you’ve missed, etc.Yupp TV Menu Bar in App

As you enter through the Live TV, Movies, or Shows category, you will see a good range of channels, news, shows, movies, etc. Especially the Live TV range is not to miss, it features channels like NDTV Prime, Good Times to watch some news to even Brahma Kumari if you are feeling spiritual.

They feature Cartoon channels like CN, Pogo, where kids can have some fun, and learning too.

Live TV Channels on Yupp TV App

Live TV on Yupp Channels #2

For the variety, this gets an 8/10.

#3. Buffering, Quality, & Compatibility

The buffering experience is seamless. You can choose the quality of movie by choosing the bitrate from 220 kbps to 2240 kbps. It means that there will be a consumption of 220 kbps to 2240 kbps of data in one second of video buffering. At 2240, the quality of video seems to be quite good.

Yupp TV Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahaani

Of course, this is a screenshot from the app so it is compatible with your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, & Smart TVs.

You can download the iOS and Android app of Yupp TV and enjoy 25000 hours of entertainment content! Therefore, 9/10 for this.

#4. Pricing

Well, the pricing depends upon the package you want. In the app, you get a fixed pricing of Rs. 30 for one week. With this Yupp TV Pass, you get 150+ Live Channels to watch, Catch-up TV up to 7 days, 1000+ movies & shows, and NO advertisements!Yupp TV Pricing

But, don’t worry, you can still explore and watch thousands of free movies online without spending anything. It’s freemium!

Therefore, it’s an 8/10.

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