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zbigz review

ZbigZ is a freemium online BitTorrent client. You do not have to download any torrent client application on your system. Everything happens on a web portal, and the only requirement from you is a web browser.

Conventional torrent clients, such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, etc., are losing their charm because of several such problems as high PC resource usage, your IP is visible in public, etc. ZbigZ also provides you with a private cloud storage, where you can store your downloaded files. Of course, there are a few limitations on a free account which we will see it further in this article.


Some of the notable features are audio and video streaming, batch download capability, hide IP address, etc.

Our verdict

 No need to install any software

Simple to use

You remain anonymous

 Limit on size of file

 Downloaded speed is slow

Application size and resource usage

Application size and resource usage will remain an area of concern for other torrent clients but not with ZbigZ. You are not downloading any software on your computer. Everything is happening on its website or web server. This is the most significant benefit of any online BitTorrent client.

User experience

The web page of ZbigZ is neat and clean and does not have a lot of option as compared to any other torrent client. The top header has a field to insert torrent magnet link or private torrent link. You do not necessarily have to create an account to use ZbigZ. However, a free profile will help you in tracking your activities and saving your downloaded files.

I could not see any advertisements on its web interface. It is a big surprise for me because no other such torrent client has an Ad-free interface.

How to use?

  1. Copy torrent link from any website. It could be magnet link from any torrent tracker or special torrent tracker website.
  1. Paste the copied link in the input field which is present on top of its website. This field is present on almost every page.
  1. Hit the “GO” button.
  1. The moment you press GO, the file gets added to your caching queue. If you have an account, then you can find it in your “My Files” section.

Features & limitations

The maximum size of the torrent file which can be downloaded is 1 GB. If the file size goes beyond this limit, then ZbigZ will discard it.

The downloaded torrent file will only stay on ZbigZ server for seven days, and after that, they will be wiped out. You will have to download the files on your system within this period. You must have an account with ZbigZ for saving torrent files on its server.

Free users won’t get more than 150 KB/sec as downloading speed. The speed is way less than what you get on other torrent clients.

Typically, when you download torrents from any torrent client, your IP is visible in public. The workaround is either a VPN or a Proxy server. But you can remain anonymous on ZbigZ platform. Your IP is hidden, and the download happens on your behalf, without revealing your IP details.

Paid Premium plans on ZbigZ

The free account has several limitations, where Premium has none. If you wish to try out its paid plan, then ZbigZ gives you variety of paid options to choose. You can opt for period wise plans such as 5 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. The lowest one will cost you $3.99, and the maximum is around $84 for 1 year.

Mobile application and extension

ZbigZ has no application for Android or iOS users. However, it has created a dedicated mobile website. I do not know what is the exact purpose of the mobile website when its main portal is mobile responsive.


Also, you can install its Chrome extension to speed up your file download process.

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